Motivational Speaker goes off after being disrespected by high schoolers. "Have You lost your mind"

A non-traditional motivational speaker...powerful! Don't you just love the non-status quo approach!

Everyone knows how to sit down and shut up! Yes! Sometimes people need to be reminded the value of respect - unfortunately.

Dumjobs Will Always be a Free Job portal for Local Employers and Applicants in Dumaguete City

Dumjobs is now offering their job portal services for free for all local employers and applicants in Dumaguete City. It has been offering its services for free and now is promising users and potential visitors within Negros Island that it will always be free. The site is where applicants residing in and around Dumaguete can apply for vacant positions posted by local employers.

Since there are more people who are in the search for job vacancies within their local areas, Dumjobs is trying to offer a job portal that will cater to Dumagueteños. It is a site dedicated to local employers and applicants in the entire Negros Island. For all applicants to access the portal with ease, the founder has decided to access the portal for free forever.

The founder of Dumjobs is Baloydi Lloydi who is an online marketing professional is to empower his fellow Dumagueteños by giving job opportunities. With this, the site has been posting job opportunities from local employers for around 3 years and is promising to provide its services for free to everyone. Since the founder wants to expand the boundaries of local applicants, the portal is open for those who are trying to look for jobs within the city. It is exclusively offered to everyone in Negros Island, which means that it is not hosting any job postings coming from other regions.

Through the promise of offering the portal for free, people will gain awareness that Dumjobs is standing up for its advocacy of offering it as a free service for local employers and job applicants in Negros Island. Job seekers, especially those newly graduates, can easily find a local job opportunity suitable for their qualifications and never have to seek far from home to find a job that can provide financial source for their family.

Baloydi Lloydi is the man behind Dumjobs and is the one opening job opportunities for all Dumagueteños. He is a product of one of the universities in Dumaguete and his hometown is Bacong, Negros Oriental. This makes it easy for him to tell the problems with job seekers and also with employers looking for qualified applicants.

"I wanted to empower Dumagueteños through job opportunities." says Baloydi Lloydi, founder of the portal.

For those who are interested with visiting the portal, do visit their official website at or their Facebook page at

Mumps or `bayook` Results Sterility

Men should be more concern on their sexual health, one day you will found out that you can’t become a father. Although, this case is not applicable to all men.

There are some factors to consider for a person to acquire sterility. Having mumps has a greater possibility of being sterile,also poor nutrition and too frequent sexual intercourse.
Sterility is the inability of a man to produce pregnancy in a normal woman. Abnormal or diseased testes may produce imperfect spermatozoa or none at all.
Mumps can damage the testes so as to render a man sterile. There may be an obstruction of the ducts defer ens, which normally carries the sperm cells from the testes to the urethra.It is a contagious disease, in which the virus causes the salivary gland to increase its size and this usually occurs during childhood. Recovery takes place in a few days, but complications frequently develop, most commonly in persons older than twelve years.
The symptoms – chilliness, headache, lack of appetite and moderate fever – begin two to four weeks after contact, and usually appear a few hours before the salivary glands become painful. Usually the parodied gland, situated just in front of the ear, is primarily affected. Any of the salivary glands may be involved. Pain in the involved glands induced by external pressure on the gland, by swallowing or by taking sour substances into the mouth. The swelling usually lasts from three to six days.
The most common serious complication is an involvement of the sex glands, either testes or ovaries. In about one fourth of the cases among older boys and men, at least one of the testes is affected. The affected testis is swollen and painful. In some cases the organ later atrophies, being rendered sexually sterile. Unless both testes are thus involved, a man is still capable of fatherhood. Even when one or both testes atrophy, the male sex hormones are produced in the normal fashion. Comparable involvement of the ovaries in women is less common.
About 10 percent of all cases of mumps develop some degree of encephalitis with severe headache, drowsiness, vomiting and abdominal pain. Usually this complication clears up spontaneously.
Poor nutrition may be the cause of sterility- take a balanced, vitamin-rich diet, paying particular attention to vitamin E, also too frequent sexual intercourse or frequent masturbation which does not give the testes time to mature normal spermatozoa. It is better to have an examination of the genital organs and analysis of the sperm to know if your sterile or not. Follow the physician’s instructions.

Does True Friendship Exist?


A short story that anyone could relate too. What is the true measure of being a friend? Is it by how long you’ve been together, or just a short but a very meaningful one. Can any one define what is a true friend.
Sharing one another’s thoughts, making foolishness all the time, creating adventures on our own and fighting for sometime… As I looked from the past our friendship is like birds that keeps on flying along the big dark sky, searching for food and friends near by. I thought our friendship will last long forever and keeps standing on its huge roots under the ground. We are friends for centuries since both of us struggles for 20 years. Time keeps running and change still on going. But is it rightful to also change as time passes by? Investing for years to build a good friendship, and as the man grows older as well as his friend develops a gap between them. This gap that has been created slowly destroys our long invested happiness and good memories. Until, such time has come when our friendship ends up for just a minute. It’s hard for me to believe that it ends up that moment. After a long energetic walk, ends with an expected sudden stop that almost brought me to death. It took me years to recover. I strongly believe that strong friendship does not require you as a person but as a friend. When is your “friend” really considered a real friend, when he offers you food, when he is always with you, maybe yes; but does not end there, there’s a lot of you both to discover for true friendship. When you have problems, you don’t hesitate to talk with him/her, and as well as he/she.
We have uncovered our selves for the better and as we totally depart from each other, we are always be friends in our hearts and be friends forever. Sometimes we see each other and it reminds me of the hated past. When I’ve looked upon the past that the things that keeps us connected where extremely different from the present. We have various friends today and probably changed us as of what we are now. Maybe the friend that I’ve been with before is completely different of what he is now. I’m happy that we have found the right place that we can motivate ourselves through our newly found friends. And hoping that there is such time that we will build our more strong friendship.
Here are some definitions of what is a real friend from the persons I’ve been interviewed:
“A real friend is someone who is willing to go to any lengths for you.”
“A real friend is someone who stays w/ you through the good & bad times.”
“Someone you can trust. Someone shares his/her secrets.”
Alabang Girl:
“A real friend is someone who is always by your side. He/she doesn’t look at your physical aspects but looks forward to the friendship you have offer.”
“A real is someone who can afford to be with you even at your worst. Someone who is not afraid to face the future with you even at the expense of hurting himself.”
“ A real friend is the one who understand my real personality and accepts me of who I am.”
“A real friend is the one who journey in times of sorrow and gladness, in plentiful and in worst.”
“A real friend is the one who’s always at my side in times of trouble and laughter.”
“A real friend accepts who you are and what you are. Most especially, a real friend stays on you through thick and thin; and for better and for worse.”
“A real friend is the one who can offer his/her shoulder when you feel that the world is tumbling down to you.”

Facts About Aliens on Earth

Here are some facts and information on the aliens on Earth.
  1. Alien crafts from other worlds have crashed on Earth
  2. Alien crafts are from both Untra-Dimensional sources and sources within this Dimension
  3. Early U.S. Government efforts at acquiring technologies were successful
  4. The U.S. Government has had Alien hostages at some point in time.
  5. The U.S. Government has conducted autopsies on Alien cadavers.
  6. U.S. Intelligence Agencies and Security Agencies are involved in the cover-up of facts pertaining to the situation.
  7. There is a current Alien presence on this planet among us that controls different elements of our society.
  8. Alien forces maintain bases on Earth and on the Moon.
  9. The U.S. Government has had a working relationship with Alien Forces for some time, with the express purpose of gaining technology in gravitational propulsion, beam weaponry and mind control.
  10. Millions of cattle have been killed in the process of acquiring biological materials. Both Aliens and the U.S. Government are responsible for mutilations, but for different reasons.
  11. We live in a Multi-Dimensional world that is overlapped and visited by Aliens/Entitiesfrom other dimensions. Many of those entities are hostile, and many are not hostile.
  12. The basis for our genetic development and religions lies in intervention by non-terrestrial and terrestrial forces.
  13. The truth about our actual technology far exceeds that perceived by the Public.
  14. The United States Space program of today is a cover operation that exists for public relations purposes.
  15. People are being actively killed in order to suppress the facts about the situation. TheCIA and the NSA are involved so deeply that exposure would cause collapse of their overt structure.
  16. Facts indicate Alien presence with in 5 to 10 thousand years.
  17. Our civilization is one of many that have existed in the last billion years, “Milky Way Time Period”
  18. Alien Psychology
  19. The Metagene Factor