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El Nido: Palawan Tour D

El Nido Palawan Packages: Tour D:

Natnat Beach
Cadlao Lagoon
Paradise Beach

Helicopter Island 

El Nido Palawan Tour Packages

El Nido: Palawan Tour C

El Nido Palawan Packages: Tour C:

Star Beach
Secret Beach
Hidden Beach
Tapiutan Strait 

Matinloc Shrine
Below are some pics for Matinloc Shrine

El Nido Palawan Tour Packages

El Nido: Palawan Tour B

El Nido Palawan Packages: Tour B: 

Snake IslandPangalusian reefCudugnon CavePinasil "Cathedral " Cave
El Nido Palawan Tour Packages

El Nido: Palawan Tour A

El Nido Palawan Packages: Tour A:

Big Lagoon 

Small Lagoon

Secret Lagoon  Shimizu Island
                       - famous for snorkeling, the moment you see the under water.
                          You will see the various fishes beneath you  7/Seven Comando Beach

El Nido Palawan Tour Packages

El Nido Palawan Tour Packages

From Palawan -> Puerto Princesa, you have two choices to go to El Nido, whether you travel by land or by air. There are a lot of tour packages offered in  Puerto Princesa in going to El Nido. This article is not focused on companies offering touring packagesbut provides the list of touring packages that most of the companies in El Nido are offering. Most of the tourist think that El Nido is a resort, but it is the place where Tourist Spots are located, where beaches, mountains of magnificent rocks, a gate way to paradise and more.   I am sure if you are a tourist, you’re very excited to discover and uncover the hidden secrets of El Nido. El Nido by the way is not the only place in Palawan that offers tourist spots but there are a lot more. El Nido is considered the place of entry point to Island hopping that all the tourist are all looking forward to. El Nido, Palawan are surrounded by small and big Islands. First impression to this Islands are like wallpaper in a computer, a produ…

Underground River Palawan: A Hidden Paradise

From the City tour of Puerto Princessa, Palawan. The next day we uncovers the mystical underground river which is now included in the 7 wonders of the word. Using a van from the capital of Palawan, we traveled several ours going to the next spot. Excited as we are never know what instills us when we arrive at the place. During the travel there will be a store or a tower that the van can stop over for the tourists to have a break for the long ride. The store has an over looking tower that will let you see the beautiful mountains and forests, one part of the view is the sneak peek of the place that we're heading to. The stop over will be very beneficial coz it will let you breathe the fresh air from the untouched forests and mountains, very refreshing. Upon arriving to the place, hungry and exhausted we ate to a near restaurant and let ourselves breath for seconds. Some of us are still dizzy from the heavy long ride but remember what awaits for us ^^.  Looking from side to side we n…

Cebu Philippines Tourist Spots

The Camotes Islands are a group of islands that form part of the province of Cebu, in the Philippines. The island group is located east of Cebu Island, southwest of Leyte Island, and north of Bohol Island.

The Camotes is composed of the following four islands and their municipalities:

Poro: the municipalities of Poro and Tudela.
Pacijan: the sole municipality is San Francisco.
Ponson: the sole municipality is Pilar.
Tulang: is part of the barangay Esperanza, which is part of San Francisco.

There are beautiful beaches, springs, natural pools and a legendary waterfall said to be where Panganuron, the islands’ mythical Solomon held court and mediated warring tribes. There is a limestone promontory called The Quarry, a local lover’s lane overlooking the seven-hundred-hectare Lake Danao. The waters around the islands run the spectrum from blue to bottle green and finally deep blue.