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7.9 Magnitude Earthquake [August 31, 2012 8:45pm] hits Southern Philippines

The Earthquake has a magnitude of 7.9 - 139km E of Sulangan, Philippines
Affected Cities  from GeoNames Database of Cities with 1,000 or more residents. MMICityPopulationVIIDel Carmen4kVIISulangan3kVIIGuiuan11kVIISanta Monica2kVIISalcedo3kVIISan Benito2kVI

Top Job Websites in Cebu, Philippines

Jobs: Accounting / Finance General/Cost Acct  Banking/Financial  Audit & Taxation  Finance/Investment 
 Admin / HR  Clerical/Administrative Human Resources  Secretarial  Top Management 
Sales / Marketing
Marketing  Retail Sales  Telesales/Telemarketing Sales - Corporate  Sales - Eng/Tech/IT  Sales - Financial Services  Merchandising  Arts / Media / CommArts/Creative Design Advertising  Public Relations  Entertainment  ServicesCustomer Service  Tech & Helpdesk Support Personal Care  Logistics/Supply Chain Security/Armed Forces Law/Legal Services Social Services  SciencesChemistry  Food Tech/Nutritionist Agriculture  Science & Tech  Actuarial/Statistics  Aviation  Geology  Biotechnology  Computer / ITSoftware  Network/Sys/DB  Hardware  EngineeringMechanical/Automotive  Other Eng Electrical Eng  Electronics Eng  Oil/Gas Eng  Environmental Chemical Eng  Industrial Eng 
Manufacturing  Manufacturing  Maintenance Quality Assurance  Purchasing  Proces…

The Walking Dead Zone Funny Pictures

CEBU Yellow Submarine Philippines

* Submarine arrived last July 27, 2012
* The Submarine doesn't Have Flag ( we are still working on it)
* The Submarine bought from Thailand
* The Submarine is not that much big but it can accommodate for at least 50 passengers.


Palawan El Nido Tour Packages