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Dancing Inmates Cebu 'GANGNAM STYLE'

Due to insistent public demand, the world renowned dancing inmates of Cebu finally had their own version of Pys's Gangnam Style music video. Despite the heavy rain yesterday afternoon, Sept. 29, at least a thousand inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) entertained guests with their ecstatic adoption of the Guinness World Record holder for the "Most Liked in YouTube."

A video posted by prison authorities in the central city of Cebu on YouTube showed about 1,000 inmates clad in orange uniforms doing the Gangnam Style dance made famous by South Korean rapper Psy.

Tourist Increase from January to July 2012 in the Philippines

Tourists visitors tothe Philippines from January to July 2012 reached 2,520,454, an increase of 10.54% from the 2,280,184 tourist arrivals recorded in 2011 for the same months. 

Tourists from Korea got the biggest volume share of 22.93% or a total of 578,062 tourist visitors for the period. Outbound tourists from theUnites States to the country increased by 4.31% with a 16.14% share to the total.This market produced 406,822 touristarrivals compared to its output of 390,028 touristarrivals a year ago. Tourists  from Japan came in third, providing 231,439tourist visitors to the Philippines, constituting 9.18% of the total.It grew by 8.82% vis-à-vis its tourist arrivals of 212,684the previous year.
Tourists from China contributed 166,219 arrivals for a share of 6.59% to the total. This figure was up by 29.87% compared to its tourist arrivals of 127,985 for the same period last year. Tourist arrivals from Taiwan grew by 32.14% with a share

VigLink List of Merchant Coverage for TRAVEL


Koreans in Cebu Philippines

The Korean population has increased over the years specially in Cebu Philippines. The increase has been beneficial to Cebu's directly and indirectly. Most of the Koreans in Cebu maybe classified into three: tourist, students and investors.

It can never be denied that Cebu contains different tourist spots that Cebuanos are really proud of. That's why most number of Koreans are eager to discover Cebu's wonderful tourist spots.

Filipinos are known as great English speakers, because Philippines has a strong background in English education. Thus, some Koreans enrolled to the different learning institution in Cebu to learn English. They will never doubt that Filipinos are good educators and Cebu is place conducive for learning English.

Since Koreans tend to stay longer in Cebu, many of them established their own business and try to bring the their culture. In fact, Cebu has a lot of Korean restaurants, spas, parlors, bars, and other businesses.


 한국 인구는 세부 필리핀에서 특별히 몇 년 …

Cebu Tourist Spots: Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House

Cebu Tourist  Spots: Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House
One of the oldest houses in The Philippines
Mabini and Lopez-Jaena Street Parian District of Cebu City , Cebu

The Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House (one of the oldest houses in The Philippines) is a house of wood and coral stones located in the corner of Mabini and Lopez-Jaena Street in the Parian District of Cebu City. Built during the late 17'th Century by the Chinese  merchants residing in Parian. This was the house of Don Juan Yap and Maria Florido with their siblings Maria, Eleuterro and Consolacion. The Eldest daughter Maria Yap Later on married to Don Mariano Sandiego. A Cebeza de Barangay of Parian late 1880's. At present this ancestral house is in the custody of Mr.s and Mrs. Val Sandiego.

China Flights SCHEDULES Going To The Philippines

Cebu Pacific Air
Trip                         Flight        Scfhedule       Time   Shanghai-Manila         5J678         Daily              00:30-04:00
Manila-Shanghai          5J679         Daily              20:20-23:45
Guangzhou-Manila      5J289        (Mon,               22:15-00:25                                                     Wed, Fri)
Manila-Guangzhou5J288        (Mon,               19:15-21:30 Wed, Fri)
Shanghai-Clark5J687       (Mon,               01:00-04:00 (start on Dec 11)Fri)
Clark-Shanghai5J686        (Every Sun,      20:30-23:45 Thur)

Negros Oriental Tourist Spots

Tourist Spots : LAKE BALANAN of SIATONTourist  Spots : MT. TALINIS ( Cuernos de Negros)Tourist Spots : SNORKEL FUN AT APO ISLANDTourist  Spots : WHITE SAND BAR OF MANJUYODTourist  Spots: DOLPHIN AND WHALE WATCHING TOURS Tourist  Spots : TWIN LAKES NATIONAL PARK (Lakes Balinsasayao & Danao)Tourist  Spots: SPELUNK ADVENTURES IN MABINAY Tourist   Spots : CASARORO FALLS

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What to do: Empty Stomach Results Super Drunk and Throwing Up

During a tourist vacation, parties are never been absent. Comes a long with parties all night are alcohol beverages that results to the state of being super drunk.

Now help yourself or your friend from being super drunk specially when you or his/her stomach is empty and throwing up. Read quickly below.

Results of Being Drunk: depression of vital functions

Drunk person looks like:
PaleMay break into a cold sweetVomiting Lapses into unconsciousness

Facts of being drunk: Alcoholic stop or usually disappears in a few hours as the body gradually metabolizes the alcohol.Concentration within the body fluids becomes too high results death.A drunken person should always be warm and could easily develop pneumonia and colds

Drink to to three glasses of warm salt water (one teaspoon of salt to the glass)A large dose (two tablespoon of crystals in a half glass of water) of Epsom salts. Epsom salts [also called  magnesium sulfate]are produced from the springs that arise where the por…

2010 Top 14 Philippines Tourist Spots

Tourist Count for the Year 2010:

1. Camarines Sur Number of Foreign Tourists: 461,053 Number of Domestic  Tourists: 1,869,063 Total  Tourists:  2,330,116
2. Metro Manila
Number of Foreign Tourists: 1,480,871 Number of Domestic  Tourists:   815,604 Total  Tourists:    2,296,475
3. Cebu Number of Foreign Tourists:  712,400 Number of Domestic  Tourists: 1,059,834 Total  Tourists:  1,772,234
4. Boracay Island Number of Foreign Tourists: 305,569 Number of Domestic  Tourists: 474,097 Total  Tourists:   779,666
5. Baguio City Number of Foreign Tourists: 35,761 Number of Domestic  Tourists: 702,629 Total  Tourists:   738,390
6. Davao City Number of Foreign Tourists: 58,270 Number of Domestic  Tourists: 624,551 Total  Tourists:  682,821
7. Puerto Princesa City Number of Foreign Tourists:  69,831 Number of Domestic  Tourists:  335,599 Total  Tourists:    405,430
8. Cagayan de Oro Number of Foreign Tourists: 30,593 Number of Domestic  Tourists:  356,595 Total  Tourists:  387,188
9. Zambales Number of Foreign Tourists: 68,567 Numbe…

Camarines Sur Philippines: Tourists Top Visited


Foreign Domestic Total ForeignDomesticTotal Camarines Sur461,053 1,869,063  2,330,116 308,235 1,258,212  1,566,447

Going to Philippines

Time Duration going to The Philippines?
             The Philippines is accessible from the travel capitals of the world. Traveling time to Manila from Hong Kong is an hour and 50 minutes; from Singapore, 3 hours and 10 minutes; from Bangkok, 3 hours and 50 minutes; Tokyo, 4 hours and 15 minutes; Sydney, 10 hours and 20 minutes; London, 20 hours and 45 minutes; Paris, 21 hours and 15 minutes; Frankfurt, 19 hours and 40 minutes; San Francisco, 16 hours and 15 minutes; Los Angeles, 15 hours and 20 minutes; and New York, 25 hours and 20 minutes.