September 9, 2013: Zamboanga City Almost Conquered by Rebels

Zamboanga City Almost Conquered by Rebels

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September 9, 2013: Zamboanga City Almost Conquered by Rebels

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 Date Uploaded: 2013-09-09
 Description: MNLF Picture
Zamboanga City News Today. Based from a source, 4am in the morning the fight started between the government and thought to be rebels (MNLF), the former rebel group founded by Nur Misuari, to declare independence from the Philippine government.

Inspite of the Zamboanga Government’s expensive efforts to strengthen the pact peace agreement, today according to the many has been the worst scenario that made a lot of people’s lives to be put in danger. Guns shots are everywhere,  many are killed and some are being used as human shield by the rebels.

There are only two helicopters roaming. There are no public transportations. No work. The city is pictured to be a ghost town, and the only persons seen are rebels dressed like civilians. Most evacuees go to schools and churches for safety and food assistance. They only have noodles as the primary source of food as of now. Most affected are children with no idea of what is happening and how they can cope up. Boat passengers are stranded because of the commotions happening in the city. According to the source one radio reported as been captured and used as human shield against soldiers and police.

Philippine flag as been replaced by MNLF flag as a sign that the city has been conquered; anyone who refuses to do this is either killed or tortured.   

Please share this to spread awareness, the government has not announced what are the necessary steps to do.
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MORO means people born in Sulu, Mindanao, Palawan, Sabah, regardless of religion or ethnic origin. THE ONE MNLF DOCTRINE - there is only one genuine MNLF, one leadership of Nur Misuari, one ideology of egalitarianism, one objective of independence. 
Peace and development in Bangsamoro Land. All mind must be clear that MNLF struggles for independence of Bangsamoro Land or Mindanao Nation (MINSUPALA - Mindanao, Sulu, Palawan) and Sabah. The Autonomy is not the final solution. The Autonomy was the counter-offer of the Philippine Government in 1976 and MNLF accepted Autonomy as a "peaceful political path" or "stepping stone" towards independence. There is not a moment that Nur Misuari and the entire MNLF ever dropped the struggle for independence.
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The Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) is a political organization in Bangsamoro Land that was founded by NUR MISUARI in 1969. The MNLF struggles to achieve an Egalitarian Statehood of the Bangsamoro Land. The territory of Bangsamoro Land covers Sulu (including Sabah), Mindanao and Palawan (MINSUPALA). The MNLF ideology is called EGALITARIANISM which affirms, promotes, or characterizes a principled belief in the EQUALITY of ALL PEOPLE in the political, economic, social, and civil rights aspects regardless of differences in religion, race, ethnic origin, age, and gender.

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