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Dumaguete City Gathering for all

There is a new website that aims to gather all the information about Dumaguete City. It is a forum-discussion site that is open to all the people who know and does not know Dumaguete City.  A Dumaguete Forum for all of us.

Features of the forum:
The forum lets you Introduce yourself, by saying hello, sharing your story and asking questions about the place.The forum also has a business category that will let you discuss businesses in Dumaguete. A discussion about the health services that the city offer.It will let you share the latest news, events and happenings from in and out of the city.It will let you discuss the various schools for both public and private institutionsThe forum enables you to share and discuss the various tourist destinations and spot of the city.Also, gives you the opportunity to share you to get to DumagueteDiscuss about the Government agencies in DumagueteIt will also gives you the chance to share and discuss the different hobbies in the city. The forum has als…