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Mumps or `bayook` Results Sterility

Men should be more concern on their sexual health, one day you will found out that you can’t become a father. Although, this case is not applicable to all men.

There are some factors to consider for a person to acquire sterility. Having mumps has a greater possibility of being sterile,also poor nutrition and too frequent sexual intercourse. Sterility is the inability of a man to produce pregnancy in a normal woman. Abnormal or diseased testes may produce imperfect spermatozoa or none at all. Mumps can damage the testes so as to render a man sterile. There may be an obstruction of the ducts defer ens, which normally carries the sperm cells from the testes to the urethra.It is a contagious disease, in which the virus causes the salivary gland to increase its size and this usually occurs during childhood. Recovery takes place in a few days, but complications frequently develop, most commonly in persons older than twelve years. The symptoms – chilliness, headache, lack of appetite and mod…

Does True Friendship Exist?

A short story that anyone could relate too. What is the true measure of being a friend? Is it by how long you’ve been together, or just a short but a very meaningful one. Can any one define what is a true friend. Sharing one another’s thoughts, making foolishness all the time, creating adventures on our own and fighting for sometime… As I looked from the past our friendship is like birds that keeps on flying along the big dark sky, searching for food and friends near by. I thought our friendship will last long forever and keeps standing on its huge roots under the ground. We are friends for centuries since both of us struggles for 20 years. Time keeps running and change still on going. But is it rightful to also change as time passes by? Investing for years to build a good friendship, and as the man grows older as well as his friend develops a gap between them. This gap that has been created slowly destroys our long invested happiness and good memories. Until, such time has come when…

Facts About Aliens on Earth

Here are some facts and information on the aliens on Earth. Alien crafts from other worlds have crashed on EarthAlien crafts are from both Untra-Dimensional sources and sources within this DimensionEarly U.S. Government efforts at acquiring technologies were successfulThe U.S. Government has had Alien hostages at some point in time.The U.S. Government has conducted autopsies on Alien cadavers.U.S. Intelligence Agencies and Security Agencies are involved in the cover-up of facts pertaining to the situation.There is a current Alien presence on this planet among us that controls different elements of our society.Alien forces maintain bases on Earth and on the Moon.The U.S. Government has had a working relationship with Alien Forces for some time, with the express purpose of gaining technology in gravitational propulsion, beam weaponry and mind control.Millions of cattle have been killed in the process of acquiring biological materials. Both Aliens and the U.S. Government are responsible …

Abs Workout for Men at Home without Equipment

For busy men, and has less time to go to the gym and to do the program and routines, this workout below will definitely give you access to a total Rectus abdominis muscle enhancement, and the workout itself does need any gym equipment designed to be done at home or any where applicable. All muscles that fall under your abs, are specifically developed in a special routine. You must follow, these sets and levels to make sure that your body can slowly adjust to your workout. I might me necessary to do stretching before doing your training session. This will definitely, saves you money and time!  Total Abs
Abs Workout for Men at Home without Equipment Power AbsPower Abs for Home
Code of AbsCode of Abs For Men BackUpBackUp Workout For Men at Home Armor AbsArmor Abs Abs of SteelAbs of Steel For Men and Women Hard CoreHard Core for Home Bane Workout

Outdoor Recreation for Filipino Kids

The world is rapidly changing. Everything is slowly adapting to the technological advancements that are happening. The evidence of this rapid change is seen everywhere. People cannot leave without their cell phone, tablets are sold everywhere and computers are incorporated into almost everything. Some say that the Philippines is a developing country but you must take note that it is undeniable that you are already in the modern age.
These gadgets make your life easier. It helps you in your everyday tasks. With just a touch of a button, you can already control everything. But there are several problems associated with it. People (adult and kids) tend to stay inside and forget the health benefits given to them by outdoor recreational activities. Most of the time kids are just inside the house,texting, playing, or watching movies, not knowing the hazards that they are facing.

Outdoor recreation gives you the active lifestyle that you need to stay healthy and fit.Filipinos in the 90s wer…

Kids on Computer Game Addiction in the Philippines

Technology is present everywhere. It is incorporated in our every day use. At work, at home or even at school, people use things that are products of technology. People rely on technology for school purposes, household and even in entertainment.

Kids nowadays spend most of their time in front of their computer. Some are using social networking sites while most of them are seen playing computer games. This is one major concern in our society today. Kids are addicted to computer games and they forget their responsibilities like doing their school works.
When a kid is hooked into a game, it’ll be hard to stop him. In the virtual world that they indulge, they are the protagonist and they can do everything that they want to do there. This separation from the real world make them neglect what is really happening. They start to cut classes just to play while some of them forget real life socialization. They just want to make friends in the virtual world. There are several effects of video games…

Philippine Ruby for Filipino Students

Filipinos are famous for being good at sports lovers. They have several athletes who are well known internationally, such as Manny PacquiaoEfren ReyesGilas Pilipinas, and many more. But there are other sports wherein they can excel, but they are not paying attention to, like archery, taekwondo, and rugby

Few Filipinos know the sport rugby. When asked if they know what rugby is, a typical Filipino may answer the addictive adhesive. They are not informed that there is a sport called rugby and the Philippines is starting to make its name in the world of rugby.
Rugby is a sport similar to football. The rules are almost the same. The only difference is the type of ball that is used. It is egg shaped rather than the typical circular ball. The main goal of this sport is to get the ball over the line. The Philippine Volcanoes is the national team of the Philippines. They started making its name when they won in the South East Asian Games rugby seven in 2005. From then on, the rugby community…

Aliens Created Humans

Aliens Created Humans Through out the universe Earth is just part of it. A part that does not occupy in am more large scale. Our planet is a member of a system and it is a member of another and extends to an endless possibility of connected systems. The Planet Earth some say, is a young planet and still have many years to mature, but does not guarantee that the life on it, goes living with it. Life of Earth depends on humans, weather, and the Earth’s natural change like plate’s movements, electromagnetic pulses and many more. But when does life on earth begins? There are many legends and beliefs as to who, where and why life exists on it. It was believed to be created by Gods, evolution and alien technology. Through the years many had discussed about God and the evolution theory by Charles Darwin. Few discusses about humans created by aliens by creating a clone or a hybrid. Experts say that there are many types of Aliens who visited Earth recorded by man, it does not include the one with w…

Top Hilarious Vhong vs Deniece & Cedrick Memes

 A compilation gathered throughout the internet. Awesome pictures created by genius minds. Pinoy Internet Memes are so funny inspired by the scandal Vhong vs Deniece & Cedrick and company. Vhong has been known by the public as a dancing idol, comedian, host and a good person. With the latest scandal that he's been connected or involved into, he's name and reputation is at risk of being labeled as "bad". Pinoys are known to be very active in social media, and recently internet memes are being created by Filipinos for various reasons but most of them tend to make you laugh, since Pinoys are known to be always laughing. Here are some of the Funny memes  that relates to Deniece and Cedrick  vesrus Vhong. The Condoring-

Punta ka sa condo ko doon walang bubugbog sayo

Davao mayor Takes on Denise and Cedric
Pacquiao for Deniece
Condo Wag Kang Pumunta Magisa
Tara sa Condo ko