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Aliens Created Humans

Aliens Created Humans
Through out the universe Earth is just part of it. A part that does not occupy in am more large scale. Our planet is a member of a system and it is a member of another and extends to an endless possibility of connected systems.
The Planet Earth some say, is a young planet and still have many years to mature, but does not guarantee that the life on it, goes living with it.
Life of Earth depends on humans, weather, and the Earth’s natural change like plate’s movements, electromagnetic pulses and many more. But when does life on earth begins? There are many legends and beliefs as to who, where and why life exists on it. It was believed to be created by Gods, evolution and alien technology.
Through the years many had discussed about God and the evolution theory by Charles Darwin. Few discusses about humans created by aliens by creating a clone or a hybrid.
Experts say that there are many types of Aliens who visited Earth recorded by man, it does not include the one with who interacted with our ancestors thousand or million years ago. The ancient alien and ancient astronaut theory does have a good analysis, understanding and explanation these interactions.
Why are Aliens involved on the creation of human kind? From a narration between a human and a Reptilian alien, in a Question and Answer, the alien woman explained that her Reptilian ancestors are the first to live here on our planet, even before human exists. She stated that a rival alien race called the Annunaki , got some animals into their space ship during their visitation on our planet. When the Annunaki or the Sumerian aliens returned on Earth, the Reptilian women said that they brought some humanoid beings together with them as believed to be the first humans. The human-like beings are created with a mixture of alien DNA and the earth’s most related animal the monkey. The Anunna, another name to it fast-forwarded the evolution that results to be he first human race.
Humans are made purposely to be slaves on the upcoming alien wars mainly fighting for Earth’s resource like copper, raw radio active materials, and hydrogen or water. Some aliens races have interests on mankind’s DNA’s, for is is the key for the future survival of their alien kind. They have incomplete structure in which they needed the DNA, that’s why they abduct humans, and do cattle mutilations.
If alien technology, and the aliens themselves created us, then where are they? Are they protecting us or they’re planning, and experimenting us for mind-control? Are the government hiding the truth from us? Does the human genome project discovered the truth?

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