Philippine Ruby for Filipino Students

Filipinos are famous for being good at sports lovers. They have several athletes who are well known internationally, such as Manny PacquiaoEfren ReyesGilas Pilipinas, and many more. But there are other sports wherein they can excel, but they are not paying attention to, like archery, taekwondo, and rugby

Few Filipinos know the sport rugby. When asked if they know what rugby is, a typical Filipino may answer the addictive adhesive. They are not informed that there is a sport called rugby and the Philippines is starting to make its name in the world of rugby.

Rugby is a sport similar to football. The rules are almost the same. The only difference is the type of ball that is used. It is egg shaped rather than the typical circular ball. The main goal of this sport is to get the ball over the line.
The Philippine Volcanoes is the national team of the Philippines. They started making its name when they won in the South East Asian Games rugby seven in 2005. From then on, the rugby community started to get big. But not enough to defeat the popularity of basketball or volleyball.
Attention would be the greatest enemy of rugby, if it will be introduced to the Filipino youth. There is basketballvolleyball or football that is more famous than rugby. Of course, most of the kids would think that rugby is a lame sport compared to the three mentioned. Right now, only a few people from the rural areas know the sport. People need to conduct clinics in rural areas in order for them to spread the knowledge about the sport. The best place to conduct this clinic is in high school.
High school is the training ground for most of budding athletes. There is the “Palarong Pambansa” that is annually conducted to cater the student athletes in our country. High school is the place wherein students start to find out what sport they are into. It is also the best place to introduce rugby. Why? Because students are naturally curious and they want to explore new things. Try to introduce rugby to them and after some time, most of them will get hooked.
Filipinos are suitable for this kind of sport. Not all, but most of them are. Rugby needs strengthendurance and speed, which is a big asset for most Filipinos. Filipinos are known to be hardworking which is an ideal trait in order to excel in rugby because rigid training is needed and if you lack motivation and the heart to play then you will get tired easily.
In order for a person to excel in this sport, constant training and practice is needed. They can’t be good at rugby in just one click. Manny Pacquiao can’t be strong in a second and I’m pretty sure that you can’t too.Hardwork, perseverance and the heart to play is needed to excel in this sport.
High school would be a good start. Leagues are open for youths and adults and it can be a training ground for the future “volcanoes”. A budding rugby player would be a young volcano that needs constant and rigid training in order for him to erupt at the right time.
Filipinos are naturally skilled and no wonder they can dominate the world of rugby. Not immediately, but slowly they will make their presence known in the international community of rugby.

Just like what Filipino VolcanoeGaz Holgate said, “Practice, practice, practice.” It is the key to success.