Kids on Computer Game Addiction in the Philippines

Technology is present everywhere. It is incorporated in our every day use. At work, at home or even at school, people use things that are products of technology. People rely on technology for school purposes, household and even in entertainment.

Kids nowadays spend most of their time in front of their computer. Some are using social networking sites while most of them are seen playing computer games. This is one major concern in our society today. Kids are addicted to computer games and they forget their responsibilities like doing their school works.

When a kid is hooked into a game, it’ll be hard to stop him. In the virtual world that they indulge, they are the protagonist and they can do everything that they want to do there. This separation from the real world make them neglect what is really happening. They start to cut classes just to play while some of them forget real life socialization. They just want to make friends in the virtual world.
There are several effects of video games on our youth. Some people call video games“natural teachers” because repetitive playing can lead you to having a positive outlook. Why? Because when you start playing, you repeat several tasks which then tells your brain that when you strive hard you can be what you want. This is the reason why gaming companies are starting to make video games that are value-oriented.
Health effects are present in gaming. Children start to forget outdoor recreational activities and they just sit inside the house in play. This increases their chance of being obese. Obesity leads to children having a decreased self-esteem, low or no motivation and the mindset that they are different from others. Take note that obese kids are also prone to bullying which leads to self-degradation for the child.
The effect on the youth’s academic performance depends on how long they play. It is believed that children who play more than two hours are prone to fighting other kids. They learn unethical behavior from the game and they apply it in the real world. However, some children who play moderately (less than two hours) are shown to have better grades. Gaming for them would then serve as a mind exercise which is good for their developing brain.
Parents must learn about how to control their children. It is not the children to blame but the parents. Why? Because there is no bad children, just bad parenting.
good parent must accept the fact that kids are kids and they need entertainment. But they must also know how to control the playing time of their children. They can talk to their children and assign a certain time for their recreation. Some parents also give incentives to children who finish their school work first before playing.
Video gaming is not bad as long as there is control and time management. Everyone needs entertainment and the youth isn’t exempted. Parents must instill in their children that they have responsibilities and that is what matters. Parent just need to talk to their children and teach them discipline and time management. They need to discipline their children in order for them to learn how to control their self. Just like what I said awhile ago, there are no bad children, just bad parenting.

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