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Outdoor Recreation for Filipino Kids


The world is rapidly changing. Everything is slowly adapting to the technological advancements that are happening. The evidence of this rapid change is seen everywhere. People cannot leave without their cell phone, tablets are sold everywhere and computers are incorporated into almost everything. Some say that the Philippines is a developing country but you must take note that it is undeniable that you are already in the modern age.

These gadgets make your life easier. It helps you in your everyday tasks. With just a touch of a button, you can already control everything. But there are several problems associated with it. People (adult and kids) tend to stay inside and forget the health benefits given to them by outdoor recreational activities. Most of the time kids are just inside the house,texting, playing, or watching movies, not knowing the hazards that they are facing.

Outdoor recreation gives you the active lifestyle that you need to stay healthy and fit.Filipinos in the 90s were fond of these outdoor games. Kids are seen playing “tumbang preso”, “Piko”, “langit-lupa” and other games that require movement. Compared to the present times, children today when asked whether they know any of these traditional games would say no. And if they are asked what games do they play, most of them would answer video games and other virtual games.

Filipino kids must know that engaging in outdoor activities would help in boosting their immune system. It also reduces obesity and diminishes the risks of having a chronic disease. It also reduces the chance of having osteoporosis.

Outdoor recreation also provides the children several things that they won’t learn in the classroom. Just like what the saying said, “experience is the best teacher.” It increases their knowledge about their natural habitat.

In the future, it may lead to the children having a positive attitude when they grow up. Their social skills would also increase, thus helping them survive in the future.

Filipinos have several recreations that they can do. Besides playing outdoor games, they can also bond with their family by engaging in summer youth activities. In Baguio, families can enjoy biking together and enjoy boat riding. People from the south can also try trekking or riding the zip line in Tagaytay.

For families on a budget, a walk in the park could be a substitute. Why? Walking gives several benefits such as reduction of heart related diseases. Besides that, it will also serve as the bonding time between the kid and the parents. Playing in the park is also a great idea, a simple game of “Chinese garter” would be a great recreational activity.

People can enjoy and stay healthy at the same time. They just need to find the suitable one for them. Living healthy is better than enjoying the world today, but suffering in the future. Parents must teach their children that living a healthy lifestyle would benefit them in the future. When is the best time to go out, enjoy the sun and have a parent-child bonding? Now.

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